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Testing your Software Security, Network and Applications

secureCodeBox is an automated and scalable open source solution that can be used to integrate various security scanners with a simple and lightweight interface.

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Quick & easy installation

It's a quick and straight forward installation. It works on every system and is ready to use from start.
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For professionals & rookies

You can start scans without any configuration right away and use best practice tests. But each scanner also provides extensive configuration options.
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Monitor your results

Easily monitor each scanner's results through pre-designed (or self made) dashboards, use a tool integration such as e.g. DefectDojo or integrate the persistence tool of your choice.
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Design your own process

Our architecture is designed for open flexibility and free adjustments. New tools can be integrated fairly simple and you can design your own scan and monitor process.

How does the secureCodeBox help our team?

  • checked iconSDLC support
  • checked iconHighly scalable: multiple teams, applications and whole networks.
  • checked iconScans can range from low-hanging fruits to pen testing.
  • unchecked iconWe don`t assign grades, someone needs to interpret the scan results.
  • unchecked iconBesides our examples, we do not provide many advanced, pre-configured scans.