Version: Current


The ScheduledScan Custom Resource Definition (CRD) lets you define a Scan which gets repeated in a specific time interval. E.g. every 24 hours or every 7 days.

Specification (Spec)

Interval (Required)

The interval specifies the interval between two scans.

Specified as a golang duration string.


The biggest duration golang time strings support is hours. Longer durations e.g. days / weeks need to specified as multiples of hours. We plan to improve this in the future, by providing a custom format which also supports days and weeks.

ScanSpec (Required)

The scanSpec contains the specification of the scan which should be repeated.

See the spec field of the Scan CRD for all supported attributes.

SuccessfulJobsHistoryLimit (Optional)

The successfulJobsHistoryLimit controls how many completed scans are supposed to be kept until the oldest one will be deleted.

Defaults to 3 if not set. When set to 0, scans will be deleted directly after their completion.


The successfulJobsHistoryLimit applies only to "successful" scans. Failed jobs currently need to be manually deleted. We plan to add a failedJobsHistoryLimit field in a future release.


apiVersion: ""
kind: ScheduledScan
name: ""
interval: 24h
scanType: "nmap"
# Use nmaps service detection feature
- "-sV"
historyLimit: 3