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Generic WebHook

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What is "Generic WebHook" Hook about?#

Installing the Generic WebHook hook will add a ReadOnly Hook to your namespace which is capable of sending scan results containing findings to a given webhook url.


The generic-webhook chart can be deployed via helm:

# Install HelmChart (use -n to configure another namespace)helm upgrade --install generic-webhook secureCodeBox/generic-webhook


Kubernetes: >=v1.11.0-0

Additional Chart Configurations#

โœ This documentation is currently work-in-progress.


hook.affinityobject{}Optional affinity settings that control how the hook job is scheduled (see:
hook.image.repositorystring""Hook image repository
hook.image.tagstringdefaults to the charts versionThe image Tag defaults to the charts version if not defined.
hook.labelsobject{}Add Kubernetes Labels to the hook definition
hook.priorityint0Hook priority. Higher priority Hooks are guaranteed to execute before low priority Hooks.
hook.tolerationslist[]Optional tolerations settings that control how the hook job is scheduled (see:
hook.ttlSecondsAfterFinishedstringnilSeconds after which the kubernetes job for the hook will be deleted. Requires the Kubernetes TTLAfterFinished controller:
webhookUrlstring""The URL of your WebHook endpoint



Code of secureCodeBox is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.