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title: MS Teams WebHook category: hook type: integration state: roadmap usecase: Publishes Scan Summary to MS Teams. custom_edit_url: >-


Installing the Teams WebHook hook will add a ReadOnly Hook to your namespace.

๐Ÿ”ง The implementation is currently work-in-progress and still undergoing major changes. It'll be released here once it has stabilized.

helm upgrade --install twh ./hooks/teams-webhook/ --set notification.url=""

โœ This documentation is currently work-in-progress.

Chart Configuration

hook.image.repositorystring""Hook image repository
hook.image.tagstringdefaults to the charts versionImage tag
hook.ttlSecondsAfterFinishedstringnilseconds after which the kubernetes job for the hook will be deleted. Requires the Kubernetes TTLAfterFinished controller:
notification.ruleslist[]A optional rule definition that can be used to describe in wich case a notification must be fired. If not defined / empty each scan result will be notified.
notification.templatestring"messageCard"The MS Teams message template that should be used [messageCard
notification.urlstring""The URL of your WebHook endpoint
vulnerabilityManagement.namestring"Kibana Dashboard"