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Update Field

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What is "Update Field" Hook about?#

โœ This documentation is currently work-in-progress.


The update-field-hook chart can be deployed via helm:

# Install HelmChart (use -n to configure another namespace)helm upgrade --install update-field-hook secureCodeBox/update-field-hook


Kubernetes: >=v1.11.0-0

Additional Chart Configurations#

Installing the Update Field hook will add a ReadAndWrite Hook to your namespace, which can be used to add or update fields from your findings.

helm upgrade --install ufh secureCodeBox/update-field-hook --set"category" --set attribute.value="my-own-category"

โœ This documentation is currently work-in-progress.


attribute.namestring"category"The name of the attribute you want to add to each finding result
attribute.valuestring"my-own-category"The value of the attribute you want to add to each finding result
hook.image.repositorystring""Hook image repository
hook.image.tagstringdefaults to the charts versionThe image Tag defaults to the charts version if not defined.
hook.labelsobject{}Add Kubernetes Labels to the hook definition
hook.priorityint0Hook priority. Higher priority Hooks are guaranteed to execute before low priority Hooks.
hook.ttlSecondsAfterFinishedstringnilSeconds after which the kubernetes job for the hook will be deleted. Requires the Kubernetes TTLAfterFinished controller:



Code of secureCodeBox is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.